Full of Thanks, Full of Gratitude: 2012 Edition

{For 2011’s edition, I blogged it here.}

I read somewhere (probably on Pinterest) that to be truly thankful, you have to get specific.  During this year’s 30 Days of Thankfulness, I’m going to get pretty darn specific.

  1. That my friend Lanie is getting treatment through MD Anderson, the best cancer facility in the world.
  2. That BixieLu arrived safely in this world, and her momma is doing well.
  3. Visits with grandparents, near and far.
  4. Butter, flour, and sugar.
  5. My silly kids. Still laughing at how every time we drive down our street, J says, “I trick or treated there. And there. And there. I trick or treated there. And there!”
  6. The right to vote.
  7. Afternoon naps with my children in my bed.
  8. Everything about J’s Parent’s Day Out program – the low cost, the teachers and staff, the kids in his class, the curriculum, the fact that I get a few hours to catch up each day, etc.”
  9. Public libraries.
  10. Dinner with friends and family. And pizza, the most perfect food put on this planet.
  11. Being born and raised in the United States, and for all the people who fight to make it so that this is a country to be proud of.
  12. Dan’s job, that he loves it, he’s good at it, that his colleagues are good people, that he can work from home, and that about once a year I get to travel with him to DC. All of this allows me to be a better Stay-at-home-Mom.
  13. My network of other Mamas and Stay-at-home-moms.
  14. The creative process and watching young minds work. Never thought I’d be the person to say this, but…children are so inspiring.
  15. That even my worst days are the kinds of days most people in the world dream about (and not in the “Rich Kids of Instagram” sense, but in the “roof over my head, electricity, toilets, ample food, safe environment, good health, loving family, etc.”)
  16. Running water.
  17. The Moxie, past and present. It still remains an integral part of my family’s life.
  18. Nights out with friends (and free drinks!).
  19. Lazy mornings in bed with the husband and kid.
  20. All the cousins my children have so close.
  21. My husband, who puts up with me.
  22. I got to see both of my parents this month, that’s rare.
  23. Bogey, my old dog.
  24. My wonderful little boy, and the three years I have got to spend with him. And of course, my wonderful little girl, who has become the silliest thing I could ever imagine. They’re both pretty darn great.
  25. My iPhone.
  26. Driving around looking at Christmas lights.
  27. Having a healthy child, after spending 5 days with him running a 102-fever, and that his sister didn’t catch it.
  28. The work that Dan’s parents are putting into our bathroom remodel.
  29. My work table in my room.
  30. Having a functioning car.
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