Full of Thanks, Full of Gratitude

Every day I give a silent thanks of gratitude to the world for the roof over my head, my family & friends, healthy children, food to eat, and my extremely fortunate life. And every day there are always 100,000 more things to be grateful for. Here are 30 that I compiled over the month.

  1. Healthy, happy, beautiful children.
  2. Grandparents (being my parents and my husband’s parents).
  3. Dinners with family & friends (we try to eat with my sister’s family once a week, Dan’s family once a week, and it’s always such a treat to share dinner with our friends and their family).
  4. A toddler who is well behaved – for the most part – at restaurants (since Day 1, Jasper has always been an ideal dining partner, even at places like little tea houses!).
  5. Good health, even if it takes a trip to the ER to confirm that (this was written, obviously, on the day I had a scary, ahem, posterior problem).
  6. Autumn in the Ozarks (I mean, have you seriously seen the trees in Southwest MO??).
  7. Having my sister live in town (People without sisters are missing out. People without Stephanie are missing out in great coffee!).
  8. A roof over my head, a warm bed, and a snuggly dog during those rainy fall nights. And let’s just throw in “rainy fall nights” too.
  9. Dan.
  10. Bogey.
  11. All the people who have fought for our country.
  12. Hot, running water; toilets; and electricity.
  13. That my Mom survived her cancer a few years ago.
  14. My pick-me-ups: Coffee & Chocolate; and Jasper’s wind-me-downs: Pixar Movies and Cheerios.
  15. Children with good sleeping habits (I wrote this too soon…).
  16. My network of Stay-at-Home Moms (I would be a basket case without them).
  17. Insurance & Dan’s Job (my $30,000 delivery cost us nothing but our monthly insurance costs! And I am so happy to be married to someone who loves their job. Makes a big difference in our day-to-day lives).
  18. Hand-me-down clothes, both for my kiddos and me.
  19. The ability to nurse both my babes (this was an important goal for me as a mom).
  20. Plentiful food (probably too plentiful…I’ve eaten over 4 pies this month so far).
  21. A reliable vehicle.
  22. My sister-in-law’s healthy pregnancy & labor, and our new niece Ava!
  23. Modern medicine, without which Ava would have a tougher start (she’s currently in the NICU with pneumonia and labored breathing), and Maggie might not have had a start at all.
  24. Two years with my sweet baby boy! I can’t believe how big he’s gotten!
  25. The people in my life. I’m at that stage where the only people I know are people I actually like. It’s pretty cool.
  26. Lazy days.
  27. Our house.
  28. That a semi did not run me over on the highway (I was within inches of dying…yowwwwww!).
  29. Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom (it’s a strange “job” but I’m lucky to have it right now).
  30. The ability to read and write.

So, nothing earth shattering, but neither is my world, really. And for that, I’m also very grateful!


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