Show Your Work

Thanks for stopping by! If you are here because you went to the E-Factory's "Business of Art" Q&A, welcome. One of the biggest factors for me gaining confidence as a creative was reading Austin Kleon's book Show Your Work! This tiny but powerful book is the best cheerleader you can ask for. Austin Kleon is … Continue reading Show Your Work


Women Crushin’…week 4

I'm a bit behind sharing the female artists that I deeply admire. It was a fun project, and transcends into March, seeing as it's womyn HERstory month. Oh yeah, I went there. So without further ado... Feb. 22: Billie Holiday It's only been recently that I've learned to truly appreciate Holiday's music. My poor brain … Continue reading Women Crushin’…week 4

Women Artist Crushes: Week 2

Continuing my series in February, this post highlights seven women artists who have really made an impact in my life, one way or another. I hope they bring you the same level of inspiration! You can follow my Pinterest Board about them HERE. Or click on any link below to learn more. Feb. 8th: Maya … Continue reading Women Artist Crushes: Week 2


Q&A with Crystal Moody

In 2016, I decided I needed to be more intentional with my creative process, but had a hard time knowing how to start. Enter Crystal Moody, and her Year of Creative Habits. It's a guided program to help artists of all media set goals and work toward them in a 365-day span. Crystal checks in … Continue reading Q&A with Crystal Moody


Creative Opportunities in June

Near or far, here are some opportunities that might be up your alley if you are looking to push yourself creatively, desire accountability, or want to finally dive in feet first. For Artists of All Media All Over the World (Crafters, Knitters, Drawers, Painters, Quilters, Photographers, Writers!): Queen City Art Swap Artist Trading Card Registration … Continue reading Creative Opportunities in June


Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Having a booth at ArtsFest was a great learning experience, a lot of fun, and totally exhausting (I'm hoping to get down my thoughts about it soon!). There's a reason I chose to focus on art over the last few years, and it's because my body gets tired very easily. Working full steam for months … Continue reading Working Hard, or Hardly Working?