February Gratitude: Artists I Adore, Week 1

Each month this year, I am getting specific with my gratitude. It's harder than I thought! In January, I focused on hygge-based gratitude. Things that made me cozy and happy, and wouldn't you know it, each of the 31 items were pure luxuries that I hadn't really considered luxuries (warm socks, dinner by candlelight...because we … Continue reading February Gratitude: Artists I Adore, Week 1


Creative Opportunities in June

Near or far, here are some opportunities that might be up your alley if you are looking to push yourself creatively, desire accountability, or want to finally dive in feet first. For Artists of All Media All Over the World (Crafters, Knitters, Drawers, Painters, Quilters, Photographers, Writers!): Queen City Art Swap Artist Trading Card Registration … Continue reading Creative Opportunities in June