Pop Culture Catch Up: Really Catching Up

November needs a do-over for me. I only read one book, didn't see any movies, didn't really seek new music or art...I'm not exactly sure what I did to fill my days, really. I'm overcompensating in December, and just picked up about 30 books from the library. Young adult fiction, picture books, photography books, art … Continue reading Pop Culture Catch Up: Really Catching Up


Mr. Jasper

My little baby is turning four years old this weekend. I can't even. Wasn't he just a rumble in my tummy a week ago? Didn't I just bring him home from the hospital yesterday? Weren't we snuggling in the wee early hours just this morning? (Oh wait, we were...he's a snuggly kiddo.) Our little guy … Continue reading Mr. Jasper

I feel it in my bones

There was a time in my life when Saturday nights were for pub crawls and parties*, but now they're for watching Austin City Limits (Vampire Weekend!) and playing with watercolors. *No, there was never a time in my life like that. But this is my blog, I can do what I want, say what I want.