Dream a little dream…

Every morning in January I wrote down a dream fragment. It makes no sense without context (and even if it had context, it's a dream, so probably very little sense could be made...). These fragments become poetic and visual, and inspiration for future projects. I'm inviting you to take a peek into this hidden world … Continue reading Dream a little dream…


Q&A with Andie B.

Do you ever see someone on social media and think, I really want to be friends with them? That's how I feel about Andie. Her talent is multi-faceted, and I find myself watching her Instagram stories on repeat, dying of laughter. Andie is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. She acts, she … Continue reading Q&A with Andie B.

My New Muse

Her puppy dog eyes melt my soul.  How can I say no? How can I turn my back? Cross my arms? She destroys everything in her path. Nothing is safe. I bleed for her. I come back to her when she cries for me. Those puppy dog eyes. They get me every time.     … Continue reading My New Muse