Women Artist Crushes: Week 2

Continuing my series in February, this post highlights seven women artists who have really made an impact in my life, one way or another. I hope they bring you the same level of inspiration! You can follow my Pinterest Board about them HERE. Or click on any link below to learn more. Feb. 8th: Maya … Continue reading Women Artist Crushes: Week 2


Speaking of Moxie…

Do you want to know what makes me happy? More than almost anything in the world? It's going to the movies. In a theater. With popcorn. I have worked in multiple multiplexes. I started an independent art-house cinema with my husband. In the past 15 years, I have spent probably 20,000 hours of my life … Continue reading Speaking of Moxie…

Big Expectations for the Shortest Day of the Year

It started with a Celestial Seasoning's Gingerbread Tea box: "Gingerbread has been a holiday treat for 2,000 years! The Celts marked the winter solstice by eating small gingerbread cakes decorated with images of the sun to celebrate the longer days ahead." Hmm, thought I. That sounds wonderful. I love Winter Solstice. I love gingerbread. I … Continue reading Big Expectations for the Shortest Day of the Year

Save The Moxie

Next month, Moxie Cinema, the independent cinema that my husband and I started, will have its SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY. I can't believe it. When we started the process, naysayers said we wouldn't last six weeks because our community couldn't support something so "avant garde." It's an amazing feeling to see the business not only succeed, but … Continue reading Save The Moxie