My Kid Could Paint That

"Machine Holding Two Crystals," acrylic and Sharpie on canvas, 2014 Nicole and Jasper   If you can't beat them, let them join you. But only sometimes, because letting kids paint with acrylics and gouache and expensive brushes, for me, is stressful and energy-sapping. I feel less creative when my children paint with me, because I … Continue reading My Kid Could Paint That


Neat and Tidy

When my oldest was almost four, he developed an alter-ego named Mr. Jasper, who spoke with a British accent. Mr. Jasper worked in a laundry in South America, but came to Ohzmark (Ozark) to be with LOTS of girls. But then he moved to Washington, DC, and we haven't really heard from him since. I … Continue reading Neat and Tidy