January Gratitude: Hygge

Every morning for the past few years, I've jotted a quick note of something I'm grateful for. It helps start the day on a positive note, and puts my mind somewhere cozier. This year, I decided to focus each month with a theme. Get really specific. Inspired by one of my Christmas presents, "The Little … Continue reading January Gratitude: Hygge


Calendar Girl

In trying to simplify my life, strangely enough, one of the most complicated elements out there is finding the perfect planner. I am very particular, and am generally an UnCalendar.Com gal, but in my current life stage, it's a bit too involved. I need something simple, and even though I love the $100 leather-bound goodies … Continue reading Calendar Girl

Work in Progress

  The tatt tatt tatt on the window pane,  it's a sound that's different from all this rain. The tatt tatt tatt on the window screen is coming from the biggest bug I've ever seen.   Some mornings things just click. My writing session is great, I come up with something that excites me. I … Continue reading Work in Progress