Life Is Funny…

A few years ago, I wrote about applying for a dream job that I wanted SO BADLY but wasn't quite ready for. Partly because my children were still so young, and partly because I wanted to continue exploring my painting and writing path, which was just getting started. I didn't get the job, and was okay … Continue reading Life Is Funny…



I didn’t get the job. I applied for a marketing position at a local arts advocacy group, and made it to the final 2 candidates in what seemed to be an extremely competitive process, considering I had three interviews with a total of six different people. The job itself came to me by serendipity. I … Continue reading Permission

New Job Title

Recently I was on the phone with my health insurance company, and they asked my occupation. It's a tricky one. I'm no longer self-employed, which I was for almost five years. I'm not necessarily unemployed, because I'm not actively seeking work, nor was I laid off or fired from a job. I don't work part-time. … Continue reading New Job Title