I Had A Dream I Once Was a Flower

"I Had a Dream I Once Was a Flower." 30"x40" acrylic & mixed media on canvas. SOLD What originally started out as a Kabloom piece slowly transformed into a dreaming mermaid. She was a lot of fun to create, and a big challenge. Working on this piece made me realize how much I need my … Continue reading I Had A Dream I Once Was a Flower


February Gratitude: Artists I Adore, Week 1

Each month this year, I am getting specific with my gratitude. It's harder than I thought! In January, I focused on hygge-based gratitude. Things that made me cozy and happy, and wouldn't you know it, each of the 31 items were pure luxuries that I hadn't really considered luxuries (warm socks, dinner by candlelight...because we … Continue reading February Gratitude: Artists I Adore, Week 1

500 Books

I'm a bit of an archivist. When I was in 10th grade, I kept track of every single outfit I wore, the entire year. It went something a bit like this: Big Dog shirt. Giant jeans. Doc Martin Mary Janes. Repeat. In 1993, I decided to start writing down every book I read, complete with … Continue reading 500 Books