I didn’t get the job. I applied for a marketing position at a local arts advocacy group, and made it to the final 2 candidates in what seemed to be an extremely competitive process, considering I had three interviews with a total of six different people. The job itself came to me by serendipity. I … Continue reading Permission


The Gift from the Sea

Every once in a while, maybe once a decade or so, I serendipitously come across a book that changes my life. When I was in college, it was "The Tao of Pooh," which I then passed along to everyone I knew, including my sister, and still flip through a weathered and dog-eared copy from time … Continue reading The Gift from the Sea

Big Expectations for the Shortest Day of the Year

It started with a Celestial Seasoning's Gingerbread Tea box: "Gingerbread has been a holiday treat for 2,000 years! The Celts marked the winter solstice by eating small gingerbread cakes decorated with images of the sun to celebrate the longer days ahead." Hmm, thought I. That sounds wonderful. I love Winter Solstice. I love gingerbread. I … Continue reading Big Expectations for the Shortest Day of the Year

Decembertime, and the livin’ is unhealthy

December is the worst time of the year for food. All I want to do is eat eat eat eat. And not fruits and vegetables either, but chocolate-covered chocolate-chip-cookie-dough truffles. Budnt cake. Belgian waffles. Gingerbread. Apple pie. Sugar cookies. Toasted marshmallows. Candy canes... It's a good thing Maggie nurses so much, because I think I'm … Continue reading Decembertime, and the livin’ is unhealthy