Ten Years of Great Books

How many people can say their book club has been meeting for over ten years? And that they STILL talk about books when they meet? I want to write the grandest of grand love letters to my book club, and to its place of origin, Well Fed Head bookstore. But I honestly don't think I … Continue reading Ten Years of Great Books


A Fan Letter

Dear Rainbow Rowell,The last fan letter I wrote was to Ann M. Martin, author of The Babysitter Club series, when I was in third grade. That was at least...25 years ago...I figured I was due for another fan letter.But I didn't just pluck your name out of thin air and decide I needed to write you a … Continue reading A Fan Letter


My year of rejection is coming along swimmingly. Amazing how giving myself a goal to be rejected has actually helped motivate me. What I have to keep telling myself is, none of this rejection is personal. So what does it matter to press send, or mail off another copy of my short stories? The flush … Continue reading Rejection