I Had A Dream I Once Was a Flower

"I Had a Dream I Once Was a Flower." 30"x40" acrylic & mixed media on canvas. SOLD What originally started out as a Kabloom piece slowly transformed into a dreaming mermaid. She was a lot of fun to create, and a big challenge. Working on this piece made me realize how much I need my … Continue reading I Had A Dream I Once Was a Flower


Dream a little dream…

Every morning in January I wrote down a dream fragment. It makes no sense without context (and even if it had context, it's a dream, so probably very little sense could be made...). These fragments become poetic and visual, and inspiration for future projects. I'm inviting you to take a peek into this hidden world … Continue reading Dream a little dream…

Do you dream?

I'm actually talking about literal movies-in-your-head-at-night dreams. What are they like? Do you remember them the next day? Head over to my Patreon page and answer my poll. Today at work, while chatting with my co-worker, I had to stop and pause. Did I already tell her that thing I meant to tell her? It … Continue reading Do you dream?


You Are More Powerful Than You Think

I have been keeping dream diaries since I was old enough to write. I can still recall my first nightmare (a disembodied floating face, slowly moving around my room, then speeding up and laughing at me), and when I flip back through old journals, familiar emotions and vivid recollections surface. Imagine if you were able … Continue reading You Are More Powerful Than You Think


Dream Diary Project: Black Animals

I started The Dream Diary Project in January as a way to commit to intentional artistic creation, have a theme, a focal point, and a goal. I always dream, and I always dream BIG. In fact, I've been keeping track of dreams since elementary school, writing them in journals. By interpreting dreams visually, I'm able … Continue reading Dream Diary Project: Black Animals


End of August

At night, I dream of zombies and being locked in old hotels floating on rivers; of giant tidal waves from Lake Michigan splashing into my 5th floor balcony window, while I am unphased, drinking coffee; of a constant knocking noise that turns out to be a dog throwing a bone at the wall; an airport … Continue reading End of August