Art Journal Workshop

Does a blank page intimidate you? Do you feel a sense of pride when you hold something hand-made, or finish writing your deepest darkest thoughts into a diary? How do you feel when you use up all the ink in a pen, or trace your fingers along the spines of well-loved books? Do you daydream … Continue reading Art Journal Workshop


Q&A with Crystal Moody

In 2016, I decided I needed to be more intentional with my creative process, but had a hard time knowing how to start. Enter Crystal Moody, and her Year of Creative Habits. It's a guided program to help artists of all media set goals and work toward them in a 365-day span. Crystal checks in … Continue reading Q&A with Crystal Moody

How to Start a Successful Writing Group

Fresh from a weekend away with my fabulous writing group, I have come back re-energized and ready to write/share/blog/create. One of the big goals for my group is to start a mutual public blog. We have a private one, but are eager to share tips and tools, as well as learn from other writers on … Continue reading How to Start a Successful Writing Group


My Kid Could Paint That

"Machine Holding Two Crystals," acrylic and Sharpie on canvas, 2014 Nicole and Jasper   If you can't beat them, let them join you. But only sometimes, because letting kids paint with acrylics and gouache and expensive brushes, for me, is stressful and energy-sapping. I feel less creative when my children paint with me, because I … Continue reading My Kid Could Paint That


Put the bunny back in the box…

"Baby Bunny" by Nicole Chilton. Acryclic, work in progress, 2014. What is it about a blank sheet of paper, an empty canvas, a blinking cursor at the top of a word document, that is just so frightening? It's paralyzing, the options are endless, which in turn, is overwhelming, so I tend to just hide that … Continue reading Put the bunny back in the box…



Growing up, I was never one of those students who was like, "oh man, I totally failed this test," then got my paper back with a bright red A+ 100%!!! Those people made me mad. I always knew how I did. I kind of feel like a high school student again, eagerly awaiting my test … Continue reading Waiting


The Gestational Period of Writing a Children’s Book

At the beginning of 2013, I wrote that I was going to spend the year creating. It's taken NINE MONTHS to finish one of two picture book ideas I have. Nine months to nurture and feed and develop and second guess this sing-songy kid's book. And finally, after not being able to take it any … Continue reading The Gestational Period of Writing a Children’s Book