Show Your Work

Thanks for stopping by! If you are here because you went to the E-Factory's "Business of Art" Q&A, welcome. One of the biggest factors for me gaining confidence as a creative was reading Austin Kleon's book Show Your Work! This tiny but powerful book is the best cheerleader you can ask for. Austin Kleon is … Continue reading Show Your Work


The Business of Art at The E-Factory

If you can make it, swing by the E-Factory on Wednesday, March 14th, at 4pm for "The Business of Art." I will be on a panel of working artists, talking about the a-ha moments and insights of turning your daily passion into a 'business." Here's a link to the event: The Business of Art Tickets … Continue reading The Business of Art at The E-Factory

Save The Moxie

Next month, Moxie Cinema, the independent cinema that my husband and I started, will have its SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY. I can't believe it. When we started the process, naysayers said we wouldn't last six weeks because our community couldn't support something so "avant garde." It's an amazing feeling to see the business not only succeed, but … Continue reading Save The Moxie