My New Muse

Her puppy dog eyes melt my soul.  How can I say no? How can I turn my back? Cross my arms? She destroys everything in her path. Nothing is safe. I bleed for her. I come back to her when she cries for me. Those puppy dog eyes. They get me every time.     … Continue reading My New Muse

Little Monsters

"Little Monsters" on acrylic, 2015   This winter has been rough. I was hoping once grey skies cleared and sunny days arrived, that all would be right with the world, and my own personal rain cloud would float away, too. But no, that is not the case. Still in a funk. The best way to describe … Continue reading Little Monsters


My year of rejection is coming along swimmingly. Amazing how giving myself a goal to be rejected has actually helped motivate me. What I have to keep telling myself is, none of this rejection is personal. So what does it matter to press send, or mail off another copy of my short stories? The flush … Continue reading Rejection