The Big Show

"The Big Show" at the Springfield-Branson Regional Airport's Sky Gallery was literally my biggest artistic opportunity to date. A handful of local artists were selected to display a piece with at least one side measuring 48 inches, in a medium of their choice. The curator of the show decided to pair my painting with two … Continue reading The Big Show

Work in Progress

  The tatt tatt tatt on the window pane,  it's a sound that's different from all this rain. The tatt tatt tatt on the window screen is coming from the biggest bug I've ever seen.   Some mornings things just click. My writing session is great, I come up with something that excites me. I … Continue reading Work in Progress

Little Monsters

"Little Monsters" on acrylic, 2015   This winter has been rough. I was hoping once grey skies cleared and sunny days arrived, that all would be right with the world, and my own personal rain cloud would float away, too. But no, that is not the case. Still in a funk. The best way to describe … Continue reading Little Monsters