Juliette Crane e-course

In November I was accepted into a Masters of Studio Art program at Drury University, which I was beyond excited to start. However, life has its own plan, challenges, and acceptances, and I had to make the tough decision to put higher education on hold for a couple of years. Bummed about the loss of studio learning, I decided to “splurge” on a Juliette Crane e-course (I say splurge, because pre-grad school I thought $50-$100 was a lot to spend, and then my mind started thinking in the thousands, so Juliette’s course is a bargain, considering!). Below are some of the pieces I have made from the assignments in “Painting from the Heart.”


Assignment one, from “Painting from the Heart” in Juliette Crane’s e-course; May 2016



“Little Foxie” mixed media & acrylic on paperboard. May 2016.


“Dr. Otter” * mixed media on paperboard * May 2016