Hire Me

Unless you are Hank & John Green, I am not actively seeking employment at the moment.

But if you *are* Hank and/or John Green, welcome! Thank you for stopping by! Leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

You may wonder, how does an artist and writer (one who focuses on the woowoo-ness of DREAM WORK, no less) fit into our work culture and role as an Editorial Assistant for a science-heavy media platform?

Here are a few reasons I would be a good fit:

  • Adaptable Voice – More often than not, I am charged with writing under someone else’s identity. An executive director of a local nonprofit. A café owner in her weekly newsletter. A call to action, convincing people to donate money. My true writing passion, however, is when I have the chance to interview people, and tell their stories that might not otherwise be heard. If I get to throw in a pun, I’m golden. My journalism training created a long-lasting love for sharing stories that the public can trust, and my career in marketing has helped me understand how to get people to read those stories. (Hint: Not click bait.) Some of my published work can be seen here:
  • Relentless Researcher – Though the bulk of my freelance writing assignments are interviews and narrative non-fiction, my personal projects have me researching complex scientific (okay, and somewhat astrological) concepts and distilling them into simple sentences fit for an Instagram crowd. Hypnogogia, Synesthesia, the teachings of Carl Jung, oneirology, to name a few.
  • Dreamer – Here we go, back to the dreaming. My head is usually in the clouds, thinking as big as the sky and beyond. I would love to put these thoughts into words for Complexly and its brand. Thank you for your time.