A Perfect Pair

Believe it or not, I’m still obsessed with dreams. And, I love hearing yours!

My friend M texted me the other day saying that in her dream, she and I were in her backyard where she kept trying to convince me that every pear growing in her back yard’s pear tree was perfect. Apparently I didn’t believe her until I bit into a perfectly ripe and wonderful pear.

Now remember, dream interpretation is a personal and unique process. One size does not fit all. But, we do share common themes, archetypes and history. My favorite part of helping someone discover the message behind their dreams is through word play.

A perfect pear.

A perfect PAIR.

Who or what is M matched up with to make her feel wonderfully sweet and proud of her growth? A partner? A new job? It’s a lot to think about!

Over the last few months, I too have had dreams about fruit. The first one started when I woke up with the phrase “crystallized lemons on a stationary train.” I couldn’t shake it. It’s absurdist and meaningless, but it gave me the urge to paint lemons in my art journal.

I recently bought a pan of ‘jelly gouache’ that I was so excited to try. This was a perfect opportunity.

Look at these cuties! I could almost eat them. (And with my pica-like cravings, it took quite a bit of will power NOT to dip my finger in…)

{You can purchase here: HIMI Gouache Paint Set 18 Colors}

With dreams, there’s an endless well of inspiration. Painting one page of fruit inspired me to keep going. After an afternoon of blueberry picking, I made this one:

And went on to do strawberries and now the pears. If I have time, I’d love to attempt these in Procreate and make patterns for wrapping paper and fabric. Ah, if only I had enough time…

How do your dreams speak to you? Are you willing to share them? If so, I have a form where you can input your dreams, anonymously.

Dream Chatter” – share your dreams here! I’ll gather common symbols and thoughts, and send them out in an irregular newsletter. I can’t wait to see what ‘sweet’ dreams you have!

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