Artist on the Go-Go

This week I am in Gulf Shores, an annual trek down South during the Thanksgiving break. It’s become a family tradition, to beach life it up for a week and leave the rest of the world behind. Full of food, sand, and sun, plus time to catch up on art journaling.

I packed almost an entire suitcase full of art supplies, because I have A LOT of catching up to do. Yet I gravitate toward the same few tools. I’m eager to hear what some of your favorite go-to supplies are! To see mine, keep reading…

{this post contains Amazon links that I may earn a percentage from}

These are my Jane Davenport travel tins. I love the compact size, the bold colors, and of course, the travel-ability. Plus, I just LOVE Jane Davenport.

Her line is sold at Michael’s, or you can find similar travel tins online:

These Prima Watercolor come in a thousand (slight exaggeration) different color palettes. Loving the pastel ones!

The ““Our Country Diary”” has been my go-to art journal for three years now. I love the weekly diary set up, the built-in prompts and inspirations (for example, a page devoted to quotes about tea, plus vintage illustrations to accompany), and great paper quality that can handle light watercolor.

Washi tape Washi Tape WASHI TAPE! I can’t have enough. This is versatile for sprucing up pages, making page tabs, adding add ins (do you like my techincal terms?) and more.

I can’t stop buying these silly cat pens. They are not good for layering with watercolor, but are perfect for writing down thoughts. Plus, I mean. Look at those cats! My handwriting looks so polished and professional when I use these.

Also on the list in my travel pouch:

  • Glue sticks
  • Micron Pens
  • Markers & Colored Pencils
  • Scrap Paper

This trip, I brought everything down in stackable buckets. For my daily travel kit that I keep in my bag or car, I LOVE the BLUE Q line, and have this Octopus Bag:

What are some of your favorite on-the-go tools? I’d love to hear. Follow and let me know!

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