Life Is Funny…

A few years ago, I wrote about applying for a dream job that I wanted SO BADLY but wasn’t quite ready for. Partly because my children were still so young, and partly because I wanted to continue exploring my painting and writing path, which was just getting started. I didn’t get the job, and was okay with that. In retrospect, I am happy I could devote almost 2 years exclusively on my creative endeavors.

But guess what.

This summer, I am beyond honored to accept that role I wasn’t ready for in 2016. Starting on Friday, I will be the Director of Marketing & Development at the Springfield Regional Arts Council.

The Arts Council!

I’ve admired this organization for the past 15 years. I’ve volunteered for them and served on committees for the past 4. They gave me the courage to display publicly a piece of art, something I hadn’t done since I was 13. And for the last year, I’ve been working part-time for them as a bookkeeper. I haven’t been sleeping well at night lately, and it’s because I’m so excited for getting started. The next few months will be a large learning curve, transitioning into a full-time role, brushing off the marketing skills, and shifting priorities to fit my day.

I’ve wrapped up almost all of my side projects, commissions, and workshops, so that I can focus my efforts on a just a few main creative tasks: My Dream Diary Project. Writing for MetBride’s blog. And the Arts Council. The last two years have shown me how crucial daily art is to my happiness and well being, and it will still remain so. I have journals and canvases always at the ready, and itch to get to them, making the process that much more thrilling!

Life works out the way it needs to, more often than not, I’m learning over the course of this ol’ life. And if you’re able to trust your intuition and listen to the signs, you’ll find you CAN do all the things. Not just at the same time.

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