March Gratitude: Books!

Every month this year, in my art journal, I am getting specific on gratitude. In January, it was cozy little luxuries, and in February, I listed creative women who made an impact on my life. You can see that list HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

In March, I decided to list BOOKS that I am grateful for. Reading has been a daily part of my life since I was old enough to…well…read. I started reading chapter books in first grade, and the best present anyone could (and still can) get me is a stack of new books, or old books, or used books, or their books. I love them all. I love reading so much, I even have an e-reader. I will read books in any shape or form.

The books listed are ones from throughout my reading history, that I remember fondly, started a new phase in my reading life, or are ones I love to pass along. I hope you enjoy, and maybe find a new book to add to your own list!


A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet) – according to my notes (I’ve been keeping track of every book I’ve read since 1992), I’ve read this book at least 5 times now. Over at my other blog, we have an inspiration page about the movie and book.



The Dark Secret of Weatherend by John Bellairs –


I vividly remember being at a bookstore with my family, and they said I could pick out a new book. I strolled the aisles and ran my fingers along every book until this one sang out to me. You know the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover?” I totally did, because Edward Gorey did the illustrations, and as a goth-y reclusive 6th grader, you know I love Edward Gorey. John Bellairs became my go-to author for a good gothic mystery, complete with adventure, ghosts, and wicked magic. I can’t wait to re-read these with my kiddos.


Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Novel by Ray Bradbury – Another one from 6th grade. My bff Amy and I both checked it out from our school’s library, because of the creepy cover.


I would go on to read this book a handful of times, and still have a tattered copy from my youth.



The Handmaid’s Tale – I was newly married when I first read this dystopian novel, and it changed my life forever. I had always considered myself a feminist, but this book cemented it and shifted my reading habits to be more aware of female authors and representation. I loved every page of it, and had never really read speculative or dystopian fiction prior to this book. I couldn’t get enough, of Atwood, or the genre. I’ve re-read it a few times, and watched some of the miniseries, and am so happy that it has a fresh new voice in our current society.

Once I had a friend ask me if I had ever read the book, and I laughed and sent her this picture:


Without hesitation, I can list it as one of my favorite books.



Gift from the Sea: 50th-Anniversary Edition – If you have not read this book yet, please get yourself a copy and hold on it to it tightly. Drive to the nearest beach. Open a bottle of wine and settle in with your beach chair. Make sure you have plenty of paper to take notes. And then go buy 100 copies to give to everyone you know.

My friend and writing group partner Sarah gave this to me, and at first glance it didn’t look like much. But diving into this collection of essays rewarded me with so much inspiration and treasures to last a lifetime. Ultimately, it is about the importance of refilling one’s cup, in order to be her best, both creatively and as a human. The author shows how our lives need different things at different times, by looking at different shells and treasures from the ocean. These are some of my notes while reading:


Ahhhhh. I think I’m due for a re-read and a beach trip.


I’ll have a list of about 20 more books posted throughout the next few weeks. Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite books? I’d love to hear!

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