Flash Sale!

My studio is overflowing with giant pieces of paper that need good homes! The following are each $35, shipping included. Comment or message me ( n dot chilton at gmail dot com) to purchase.


“Crooked” – sumi ink on paper. 18″ x 24″ 2017


“Swift” sumi ink on paper, 18″x24″


“Poison” sumi ink on paper 18″x24″


“What If” sumi ink on paper 9″x12″

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Flash Sale!

  1. Linda Schaefer says:

    Hi, Just discovered your work and flash sale. It says “more to come” are there any colorful, large sized paintings? Also is “Swift” still available? Thanks so much. You can email me if its easier. Linda

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Linda – thank you! I put a contact form above, if you want to email me so I can have your contact. Swift is available, and I’ll be having more colorful pieces in May, for ArtsFest on Walnut in Springfield, MO. Look forward to hearing from you!

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