Women Crushin’…week 4

I’m a bit behind sharing the female artists that I deeply admire. It was a fun project, and transcends into March, seeing as it’s womyn HERstory month. Oh yeah, I went there.

So without further ado…

Feb. 22: Billie Holiday


It’s only been recently that I’ve learned to truly appreciate Holiday’s music. My poor brain can only handle so much these days, and her vocals and lyrics are one of them. She can be soothing, motivating, and sultry, all at once. She has become the background soundtrack of my life, and I am thankful for that.

Feb. 23: Octavia Butler


Have you read Kindred? It was on my to-read list for too long. That, and Parable of the Sower (Earthseed). I had physical copies and gave them away at some point, because I thought, shoot, I’ll never get to this. Well, I did. I finally did, and I want to shout Butler’s brilliance from the rooftops. She was a true trailblazer, a woman of color writing in a male-dominated science fiction world. Her work is just as timely now as it was 30 or 40 years ago, and begs to be read by everyone. Kindred was a wonderful companion piece to Homegoing, if you want to dive into a real-life historical world that is unlike any you think you could imagine.

Feb. 24: Nathalie L’Ete


Ooh la la, j’adore Madame L’Ete. Love isn’t even the best word. OBSESSED might be a better fit. I spend every last penny on her dish collection at Anthropologie, and go to the bookstore to fawn over her newest book In the Garden of My Dreams: The Art of Nathalie Lété.  In fact, a quick search showed me I’m lacking more than just every dish she’s made in my collection. Notecards!! Tea Sets for Kiddos! Throw Pillows! I need to sell more art so I can buy more from her. She is an inspiration, for sure.

Feb. 25: The “Sisters”


{photo by Julie Blackmon}

There are a group of girls in town that I once referred to lovingly as “the Sisters.” I did this because back in my movie theater days, 4 or 5 of them (I think there are 9 siblings total) would come in as a sister date night, get a glass of wine, chat for a bit, and enjoy a movie. I was smitten. Little did I know how much more smitten I would become with them over the years. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to connect with some of them on a regular basis and they are beyond inspirational. From their sense of style, home decor, and creative endeavors, they are true original voices in a world full of copycats. I’m talking about YOU, Lizzie Rasmussen, Millie Johnson, Sharon Taylor, Rosie Winstead, and Julie Blackmon.

Feb. 26th: Beatrix Potter


Who else could make a cucumber and watercress sandwich sound so delightful? From the earliest of childhood, through today, I am still enamored with Ms. Potter. My sister and I had a book on tape growing up, where a woman who sounded like Vivian Leigh, narrated ALL of the Peter Rabbit stories. It was so magical, and as I share the wonders of her world with my own children, I tend to read the stories in that charming British accent. But not nearly so charming.

Feb. 27th: Meganne Rosen


I am SO PROUD of my friend Megster, for presenting her MFA thesis and final work, at California College of the Arts. Her final piece is over 40 feet long, using her signature process-based style, but experimenting with new media and materials. I wish I could go out there to see it in person! Congrats Meganne!

Feb. 28th: My art teachers

Of course the BIGGEST admiration goes to my favorite art teachers, Bruton, McKelvie, and waaaaay back to elementary school, Ms. Palmer. The encouragement, mentorship, and pushing from these three women linger still today, years and years (not THAT many years) later. Thank you!

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