Dream a little dream…


Every morning in January I wrote down a dream fragment. It makes no sense without context (and even if it had context, it’s a dream, so probably very little sense could be made…). These fragments become poetic and visual, and inspiration for future projects. I’m inviting you to take a peek into this hidden world of mine.

Included are a small sampling. To read more, please consider becoming a Patreon supporter!

“She gently unwrapped the mummy’s gauze, hoping to find hidden treasures.”

“I embraced the fact that I went the wrong direction, and decided to have some fun in London.”

“The raccoon laughed menacingly as he smashed the glass pane of my back door. He really wanted my coffee.”

“Sitting high out of view, I watched a girl try not to fall in love with a boy. Despite her best efforts, she fell.”

“Every time I laid down a card, my deck multiplied in size.”

“The only working microphone broke, and the audience pitched in to help fix it so the band could play again.”

“My face is not my own and I am aware of that.”

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