Familiar Stretches of Dream Highways

Throughout 2017, I have been exploring visual representation of my vivid dream world, one that I have only, until recently, done through writing. Some days the works are representational, literal illustrations of what occurred during a dream. Others, such as in this series, are more abstract, conveying movement, emotion, and that frustrating feeling of grasping at something just beyond reach.

The painting process is fast-paced and intuitive, letting the paint blend and mix, drip, and dry. I use traditional tools: acrylic paint, canvas, an expired driver’s license (to scrape paint across the canvas), and my fingertips. My choice of color tends to be an emotional choice, relying on bright colors and iridescent layers of white.

Throughout this artistic process, I am excited to see fragments of my dream world peek through. A few monster teeth poking out here. A snake slithering over there. The blurred edges of time and space, overlapped by unexpected symbols. It is an exciting and thrilling experience.

The pieces shown below are available for purchase. Contact me if interested. n dot chilton at gmail dot com.



“I knew I had been here before.” Acrylic & Mixed Media on wrapped canvas. 24″x24″ $250


“I was lost and in the middle of nowhere.” acrylic & mixed media on canvas. 15″x30″ $250


“Unbeknownst to me, I had Power.” Acrylic & Mixed Media on wrapped canvas. 30″x40″ $350


“The Sky turned all sorts of colors.” acrylic & mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas. 24″x30″. $300


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