Q&A with Miss Cheryl T.

Cheryl was my oldest child’s first teacher at daycare, and I knew from the moment I met her that the two of us were kindred spirits. She left after a semester to pursue her true passion, writing, and since then I have had the extreme pleasure and good fortune to have her as a Mentor, a writing critique partner, and a coffee date companion.
Having published one book, and another on the way, Cheryl has learned a lot since her first novel. I can’t wait to see more of her work on shelves!
  • Name: Cheryl Tuggle
  • Current City: Springfield, MO
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? A jockey.
  • What are you now? writer/novelist
  • How did you get to this point? Reading, observing, writing, more reading, more observing, more writing..
  • Are you paid doing what you love? Yes, but not enough to live on. Enough for a couple Pineapple Whips each summer.
  • Current Project(s): Just finished a novel called “Lights on the Mountain” which is being considered for publication at HarperLegends and have a novel in infancy with the possible title of “The Last American Pilgrim”.
  • What are you Reading? I’m always reading several books at the same time. Right now it’s: “The Faith of a Writer” by Joyce Carol Oates, “The Uses of Enchantment” by Bruno Bettelheim, “Animals and Man: A State of Blessedness” by Joanne Stefanatos, DVM, “Poems That Make Grown Men Cry” and “The Man Within” by Graham Greene.
  • Watching? Does reading in the same room with my husband while he watches American Ninja Warriors count? If not, then nothing.
  • Listening to? I don’t have I-tunes or any of the apps for music and the CD player in my car is broken so it’s NPR, KSMU and 107.7 The Lake. I did recently get to hear Levi (Thomas) play a set from his new album at the Outland last weekend and it’s very, very good.
  • Making? I am gearing up to sew bridal separates to sell on Etsy or through Instagram.
  • How do you express yourself creatively? I express myself creatively through my writing, both prose and poetry.
  • Have you ever written a fan letter? No.
  • Drink of choice? Top shelf margaritas.
  • What or who inspires you, and why? Humans. I’m inspired by people. Every day, all the time. Yesterday I watched a homeless man who walking down Kearney street approach another man who was sitting on the curb holding a sign. The first man paused, reached into his backpack and gave some money to the man with the sign. Without any further conversation, he zipped up his backpack and continued down the street. That’s inspiring.
  • Favorite tool to stay productive (a certain set of watercolors, a planner, an exercise program, for example)? Exercise: I walk/run 4 or 5 miles very early in the day. It’s my best time to think.
  • Something you have learned this year: That life after motherhood is like moving to Iceland.
  • What can people do to make the world a better place? Be kind.
  • How can people find you? I’m hard to find, temporarily, I think.

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