You Are More Powerful Than You Think

I have been keeping dream diaries since I was old enough to write. I can still recall my first nightmare (a disembodied floating face, slowly moving around my room, then speeding up and laughing at me), and when I flip back through old journals, familiar emotions and vivid recollections surface. Imagine if you were able to harness that power more often! I love the idea of learning one of the hidden languages in my crazy brain to problem solve, to live more creatively, and connect with others.

The above illustration is one I did early on in this current project called “The Dream Diary Project.” I take symbols and themes from nightly dreams, and deconstruct them into illustrations and research. As the project has evolved, I’m learning more about what questions to ask myself after I awaken, and what some of these symbols and themes could mean. It has become a fascinating way of problem solving, and realizing what has been on my mind subconsciously.

For the past six months, I have been hemming and hawing about self-publishing a book of dream illustrations. Today I finally worked up the courage to seek funding, through Patreon, a crowd-sourced patronage site.

My goal is to raise $3000 to publish a high-quality, small run book for the dreamer in you. It will feature my own illustrations, plus researched information on dream interpretations and historical significance, and ways to boost your own dreaming. With a monthly support from patrons (fingers crossed), I can fund this project faster, and start working on supplemental products, such as oracle cards, stationary, and further my education to delve deeper into dream interpretation.

I’m really excited, but also nervous!


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