Creative Opportunities in June

Near or far, here are some opportunities that might be up your alley if you are looking to push yourself creatively, desire accountability, or want to finally dive in feet first.

For Artists of All Media All Over the World (Crafters, Knitters, Drawers, Painters, Quilters, Photographers, Writers!):
Queen City Art Swap Artist Trading Card Registration is Coming Soon!

For Writers, Joy Seekers, and Lonely Poets from All Over the World:
Mailbag Exchange

For Springfield Artists connected to their neighborhood:
Springfield Art Museum has a new exhibition space opportunity

For SWMO Regional 3D Artists:
Sculptors needed for the next installment of the Sculpture Walk

For the math-minded Springfieldian looking for a part-time job:
Bookkeeper Needed for the SRAC

For the reader who loves to meet authors:
Laura McHugh at Brentwood Library, June 15th

Do you have any events/opportunities you would like to share? Tapioca Dance has readers not just in Missouri, but all over the country, so send them my way to spread the word! I will include them in upcoming weekly newsletters.

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