I am obsessed. I love newsletters. I always have. I love writing them, reading them, making them, sharing them.

Here are a few I receive that are worth checking out:

AUSTIN KLEON, a writer who draws…or is he a drawer who writes? Either way, his book “Show Your Work” was the cheerleader I needed to get over my hump of being shy. I love everything he recommends. He’s an avid reader, a father, a do-er.

TWO BOSSY DAMES – These gals are a hoot and a half. They are smart and funny, and find joy in areas I had no idea I should even look. Their newsletters are lengthy, and I’ll admit I don’t read them every week because of that. But when I do dive in, I’m given two months of reading material, easily.

CRYSTAL MOODY – She is an amazing, talented, inspiring artist who happens to live in my town. I would like to say I’m a collector of her work (I own 2 small pieces, and always want more), and a huge fan of her #yearofcreativehabits, a course and program that really helped me focus my mind on how I want to evolve as an artist. Her newsletters are great, a little bit of everything, especially if you are interested in other makers’ creative process.

And now, drum roll please…

I’ve decided to start my own newsletter. I’m a do-er, and when I get an idea in my head, I stay up all night typing away and crossing my fingers that someone will hear me.

If you are interested in receiving irregular e-mail updates about:

  • my upcoming events, projects, and promotions
  • spotlights on other creative do-ers and makers
  • conversation starters
  • ways to get involved artistically, writerly, makerly
  • etc etc etc

Then please consider subscribing! I’ve made a pop-up (I think) that opens when you arrive here. Otherwise, click the link below to go to a subscriber page. I hope you will join me!



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