Calendar Girl

In trying to simplify my life, strangely enough, one of the most complicated elements out there is finding the perfect planner. I am very particular, and am generally an UnCalendar.Com gal, but in my current life stage, it’s a bit too involved.

I need something simple, and even though I love the $100 leather-bound goodies out there, I was wanting to stay within $20 or so. I want something to keep track of my day-to-day and month at-a-glance; to plan meals and kid outings, store the information I forget regularly, and have plenty of space for doodles and note-taking, during meetings and creative sessions.

Yes, yes, my iPhone can do all of that. But I’m a tactile person, and I’m a sucker for a good binder.

So I made one. Thanks to the wonderful digital sources of Pinterest.


I found a marbled hard-cover binder at Target for $8.00. I liked this one because it has a front and back pocket, so I can easily store loose paper if needed.


Inside I included a clear zip pouch, and filled it with postage stamps, blank notecards, pens, Washi Tape, and appointment stickers. I also printed an at-a-glance 2016 calendar and a birthday calendar, both free from Pinterest (follow my board for the specific links).


At Target, I also purchased a set of tabbed dividers, and made the following categories: Dates, Home, Kids, Nibs (my writing group), and The Arts (I’m on various committees for my community to help support the arts).

In the “Dates” tab, I made sub-tabs using stickers and print outs of monthly calendars, plus a week at-a-glance.


These meal-planning guides are perfect for me! Again, yes, iPhone can handle all of this, but I have to start with a piece of paper and map out my week. Again, all of the templates I used are found on my Pinterest Planning page.

It’s a bit bulky compared to standard planners out there, but where it lacks in compact size, it makes up for in personal customization. I’m excited to start using it! In the printables I used for my weekly appointments and to-dos, the creator made a space each day for a “Thankful” tab. It goes without saying that I am thankful for the people who made these templates free and easy to download!

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