Work in Progress


The tatt tatt tatt on the window pane, 

it’s a sound that’s different from all this rain.

The tatt tatt tatt on the window screen

is coming from the biggest bug I’ve ever seen.


Some mornings things just click. My writing session is great, I come up with something that excites me. I like these mornings. They are few and far between.

I’m really in love with author/artist Maia Kalman. I’ve been reading her kid books for years with my own kiddos, but lately I find that I’m keeping them on my nightstand, holding them past their library due date. Her  style is whimsical; she writes and paints and collaborates with the greats. She’s everything I strive for creatively.

Stay up Late by Maira Kalman


My brain has been a blue place to be lately. Lately, as in, the past 10 months or so. I’m taking big steps to overcome this, and hoping for brighter days ahead. It doesn’t help that my oldest child started KINDERGARTEN this month, and got a buzz cut that makes him look three years older than he actually is. This mama’s heart has broken.

I have so much that I want to DO DO DO. My body and brain aren’t connecting, though, so these lists (write, paint, draw, clean, take kiddos to the zoo, to the art museum, to the park, walk my dog, start yoga, clean up the back yard, redecorate the bedroom, etc etc etc) just swirl around, works in progress, rough first drafts.

Happy Monday everybody. May this week be the week we get stuff done! Write out that ridiculous lofty to-do list, and aim for ONE thing. I’m talking to you, dear 6 readers; I’m talking to me. Let’s keep each other accountable.


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. bethbuz says:

    Yes! I told myself a similar thing this weekend. Although I didn’t tackle a creative project, I did that one thing that I’ve been meaning to do for months: I washed my windows inside and out! I feel soooo much better. Cleansed — and ready to tackle the next thing, which is to finish a detailed class schedule for one of my courses.

  2. jenksie says:

    Love this. Your instagram portrait style is in the same family as Maira’s for sure. (Could you write AND illustrate your own children’s book?! oh the possibilities!) Hang on and keep swirling. Life is full of works in progress and rough first drafts. <3

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