Little Monsters


“Little Monsters” on acrylic, 2015


This winter has been rough. I was hoping once grey skies cleared and sunny days arrived, that all would be right with the world, and my own personal rain cloud would float away, too. But no, that is not the case. Still in a funk.

The best way to describe it is that I have phantom limbs. I can feel them, and I can see them. They are constantly creating. They are painting, drawing, playing with the kiddos, writing, cooking, cleaning the house. All while I rest peacefully in my bed every afternoon. Then evening arrives, and I get out of bed, and wouldn’t you know it, nothing has been painted! Dishes haven’t been put away! My notebooks remain empty. And sadly, instead of anything being picked up, there’s even more messes than before. Oh the anxiety, the frustration, the depression.

How do you get motivated when you are the motivator? You strongly rely on people in your life to help lift you out of your funk. I have a strong network of these people, one of course, is my twin sis. She knows I’ve been having a hard time with fatigue lately, so today she forced me to pack up all my art supplies and head to her house for a creative day. No excuses. No, “But the kids won’t let me paint…” or “But my bed is so warm…”

Like any good sister, I listened and headed her way. I forced myself to work on a project that has been stirring in the back of my mind. My 5-year old loves to draw, and I love his monsters. I also love art naif, so I wanted to translate and interpret his drawings into my own. The above image is my first attempt.

As with all things that I create, I never know what I think about them at first. Part of me loves it, just because I DID it, and the other part hates it, because we are our own worst critics. It feels amazing to DO, though, doesn’t it? Even posting on the ol’ blogaroo. It’s been too long. This funk is now officially over. I declare it to be so.

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