A Fan Letter

Dear Rainbow Rowell,

The last fan letter I wrote was to Ann M. Martin, author of The Babysitter Club series, when I was in third grade. That was at least…25 years ago…I figured I was due for another fan letter.

But I didn’t just pluck your name out of thin air and decide I needed to write you a gushing fan letter. I truly do gush over your work. And I wanted to let you know how much impact you have on this writer’s mental well-being.

During the Ferguson insanity, I could not pull myself away from Twitter. Living in Missouri, this news literally hit too close to home, and my anxiety skyrocketed through the roof. So much anger. So much injustice, racial tensions, craziness…What do I do? What CAN I do? Aside from read Twitter, that is. The entire time I would scroll through my news feed, the tweets that were the ones that made me pause, made me nod my head and say, “YES! THAT!,” were all from you. Either your own words or re-tweeted by you.

I had read E&P earlier this year and loved it so much that before I finished, I added you to my follow list on Twitter. Your feed was entertaining, I could picture us hanging out if I lived near you (is this where fan letters start to make you cringe?). During that week in August, though, the depth of your thoughts on Twitter were eye-opening, and instead of just reading the last few tweets in my feed, I sought out yours.

After getting too far lost in reality, I would need to come up to the surface for a breath of fresh air. I did this by, what else, reading fiction. I had Attachments on my night stand and figured a swoon-worthy story would be the perfect distraction.

I absolutely LOVED IT. I laughed, I cried, I held the book to my chest and wandered off into Lincoln’s world for a bit…but what I loved the most about my reading experience was that *you* were the person responsible for both my thought-provoking, fist-shaking anger (in a good way), and my moony day-dreamy thoughts that made me forsake chores and childcare (they all survived). I would go from one medium to the next, and you were the one who crafted both.

It’s not often I feel compelled to write a fan letter (obviously, after 25 years), and I’m only slightly mortified that I put this on my personal blog (I have a hand-written copy if you want that instead). But I really wanted to let you know how enamored I am with your writing, and thank you for letting me see the world in so many different lights, when I least expect it.

Thank you for every word you’ve written, and as long as you write, I’ll keep reading.



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