Junk in the Trunk

Literally. I have lots of stuff in the back of my car, ready to go to a thrift store.

In June, for every day of the month, I’m getting rid of that number of things in the house. Some are donate-able, some are just plain trash. And so far, I’m just trying to clear clutter. Here’s what I’ve done…(bolded are donated items):

  1. Junk mail sitting on the piano.
  2. Expired oatmeal, two boxes.
  3. A refrigerator full of wilted spinach, asparagus, and kale.
  4. More Pantry items – stale graham crackers, marshmallows that turned hard, Easter candy (x40!)
  5. a car seat, kids’ scrap paper pile, more junk mail that accumulates on the piano, 2 magazines
  6. diaper box that’s been sitting empty in J’s closet for TWO YEARS; TOMs shoe bag; 3 sets of MJ’s pj’s; empty shoe box that has also been sitting empty in J’s closet for TWO YEARS
  7. broken paper 3D glasses; DESK, 4 DOORS, CURTAINS
  8. carpet, broken dog toy, broken pot,
  9. x
  10. x
  11. socks, 2 puzzles, kid winter gear
  12. x
  13. x
  14. clothing from my closet
  15. x
  16. x
  17. old clothes of J’s (17 pieces)
  18. old kid clothes (18 pieces)
  19. x
  20. x
  21. old kid clothes (21 pieces)
  22. x
  23. x
  24. x
  25. x
  26. x
  27. x
  28. socks – 28 pairs of them
  29. x
  30. x




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