30 Day Challenge: Write Daily

Usually I start my challenges on the first day of the month, but not this time. I can’t wait. I have to get started. The challenge: Write Daily.

I’m also going to amp up the challenge by adding “Read Daily” and “Put my iPhone out of reach by 10:30pm every night.”

And you? Up for a challenge this month?

8 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Write Daily

  1. Sarah says:

    I love challenges! I’ve been thinking I need to take a step away from Facebook lately… And “read daily”? I could definitely go for that. I just signed up for the adult version of the library’s summer reading program! =)

    • Nicole says:

      Ooh, I need to sign up, too. I have the kids card all ready. Thanks for the reminder! I don’t know if I could give up Facebook (or Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc), so if I can just set my phone aside for a block of time, that’s a step. Maybe in a few months I can take the apps of my phone!

  2. girlnumbertwo says:

    I’m in on this challenge: Exercise M-F (even if it’s just sit-ups); write at least 3x/week (gotta warm up those writing muscles before I bump it up to everyday), Do something domestic or responsible M-F (like cleaning, paying bills, managing my healthcare, work stuff). I don’t think I can go to bed without reading, so I’ve got that covered. Just finished a book, so I get to start a new one tonight! Thinking one of my new Saunders’ books.

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