Friday Reads: Where to Begin?


I get so greedy at the library. I read a new “must read” list and immediately add all the book suggestions to my queue. Except, usually the books show up faster than I can finish one. Currently I have waiting for me on my nightstand (amongst others):

There’s never any time! Last night I sat in my easy chair, curled up with MAGGOT MOON, but suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of dread, the weight of the world on my shoulders. Reading the news about the significant drought in California, advertising on the moon, and melting glaciers made me feel that a dystopian world probably wouldn’t be the best choice. I reluctantly set it aside after a few chapters and decided, hey, how about Americanah? It’s the next book club pick. But oooh, Nigeria. I have nightmares about those poor girls, so this *should* be something that could give me better insight to a culture I’m ignorant about. But ohhhhh, those poor girls. No, I can’t read that tonight either.

I decided to paint some roses, which then led to sad self portraits, and then went to bed reading The Goldfinch. Eeek! The first bit talks about a boy missing his deceased mother. Anxiety attack takes over, I cry myself to sleep, and wish I would have just finally started The Outlander. 


One of these days.

What are you reading? Any light suggestions for the summer?

3 thoughts on “Friday Reads: Where to Begin?

    • Nicole says:

      I’m in the same boat. I’ve heard good things about The Rosie Project, I’ll add it to my (growing) list!

  1. girlnumbertwo says:

    I just finished the first book in The Park Service series (Google just would not let up about it and finally offered it for nearly free). It takes place in the distant future (after WWIII tore the world apart). I wouldn’t quite call it dystopian, but I guess it probably fits if the survival of humanity over nature is your priority. It is not well-written at all. Some of the characters have an accent that is just not written well. It doesn’t flow at all. And you pretty much know everything that’s gonna happen before it does. Except that I did think the author was developing a homosexual relationship between two characters and then a girl comes along and dispels that notion. I didn’t see that coming. Anyway, unless you want to read poorly written YA Lit, I don’t really recommend it. I may even just read summaries of the 2nd and 3rd books in the series. (sorry for this blogpost of a comment).

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