Neat and Tidy

When my oldest was almost four, he developed an alter-ego named Mr. Jasper, who spoke with a British accent. Mr. Jasper worked in a laundry in South America, but came to Ohzmark (Ozark) to be with LOTS of girls. But then he moved to Washington, DC, and we haven’t really heard from him since.

I had been wondering if any of my children would develop imaginary friends. I find the concept so bizarre and creepy. I did not have one as a child, probably because I had my twin sister, so we didn’t need imaginary friends to keep us company or place blame. Mr. Jasper doesn’t really fit in that category of “imaginary” either, since he was just a character that my son was playing.

My little gal, now 2 1/2, however, has an imaginary friend. And I was right. They are creepy.

Her friend is named Tidy. Where that comes from, I have no idea. She met Tidy in the big mirror in our bedroom. That’s where Tidy lives. When she speaks to Tidy, she pulls down her lower eyelids, because Tidy looks like a zombie  (her words). They chat and laugh, making silly faces to each other and singing songs. Occasionally she’ll mention Tidy during the day, but she doesn’t really interact with her unless she’s at our mirror.

Last night, my daughter couldn’t get to sleep. So I brought her into our room, and she was bouncing-off-the-walls crazy. Tidy this, Tidy that. Then all of a sudden she stopped and said,

“Tidy said it was an accident!”

What was?

“When she broke her sister’s bones.”


Then, in a deep voice, she says, “Sorry Mom and Dad.”

My spine tingled. My scalp prickled. My blood ran cold. We are “mama and daddy,” not Mom and Dad.

A few minutes later, she starts laughing. “Hahahahahahahah, Tidy is under the covers hiding from monsters!”

Alright, sweet pea, it’s time to go to bed. I put her in her crib and hid under the covers. A dumb move, considering there’s a possible ghost under there? Oh well. Tidy seems to be a silly sort…for the time being…

3 thoughts on “Neat and Tidy

    • Nicole says:

      Gah! I’m too afraid to ask any questions. Dan thinks it’s hilarious, and even funnier my terrified reaction. So he keeps egging her on. “How old is she? Is she old like a grandma? Does she talk to you? Does she tell you to do things?”


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