30-Day Challenge: Getting Physical

It’s been ages since I’ve done my last 30-day challenge. I *think* about doing them all the time, I just never actually do them. February seems like the perfect month to commit, though. It’s a cold, short month, with Spring on the horizon. February has always been, in my opinion, a stagnant month. I always feel like I’m just trying to get through it. But not this month! This month, I’m going to glide through it using graceful, beautiful yoga poses and natural breathing. This month, I commit to 28 days of Yoga.

Specifically, Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan.

photo (2)

I found this book online after doing a search on some of the best starter Yoga books. It was $3 on Amazon, and with the great reviews, and my love for 30-day challenges, I thought this was a good fit. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and last night I read through the first few chapters. “I’ll start in a few days,” I said, making some excuse or another. “I’ll have to shower tomorrow, I won’t have time, my side hurts, my hair hurts, I’m tired, I’ve had too many nightmares lately, I need to write, etc etc etc.”

Then I told myself, no, this is it. This is the hurdle I need to get over in order to become better at everything else. Waking up early, writing, losing weight…all these goals are prevented from one thing: I need to discipline myself and just do it. So I set my alarm for 6:30am, slept through it until 7am, got up, and started Day 1 of my Yoga Routine.

Then I showered, got ready for the day, got the kiddos up and fed, and then enjoyed a hot cup of green tea while reading. A lovely morning, and my mental clarity isn’t as foggy as most mornings.

As with all challenges, I start off strong and then cave at about Day 20. This time, I’m determined to stick with it. There’s so much more at stake here than my past challenges (I mean, no shopping at Target? That’s not a challenge, that’s just torture.). I have been feeling weak lately, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and I know that discipline and routine is exactly what I need to get out of this funk.

Wish me luck! Do you have any challenges you want to set for yourself? Want to do a joint challenge one month?

UPDATE: 3 days in, and I’m hurting!

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