Friday Reads: Mourning Routine

The past week has been pretty tough. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that it’s been one of the saddest weeks of my whole life. Who knew that losing a pet (not just any pet, naturally, but one who was with me almost every day for 1/3 of my life) could be so heart wrenching? I’ve lost five pounds (yay? but…yay!), I cry every night, and haven’t had the mindset to read, write, or even socialize (some of my favorite things). The easiest part of the day I’ve found, is bright and early, while the sun shines through our east-facing windows, and the kiddos are eating breakfast, a time that up until last week, was very hands on for me, and not relaxing at all.

There is a silver lining to this dog-free existence, and it’s that our breakfast routine is a little less interactive, a little more laid back, and a lot less yelling. Now I don’t have to sit at the table with the kiddos and monitor the begging and stealing of food (Bogey loved to beg), or the sneaking of pancakes to him under the table. So now, I make myself a hot cup of green tea with cherry blossoms, do a few sun salutations, then sit down and read a chapter from a book. But not just any book: ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL.


My mom recently read this, then devoured the rest of the series within a couple months, and immediately passed along the books to me. They’re currently sitting on one of my bookshelves, and anytime someone comes over, they immediately say, “Oh my gosh, these are my favorite books!” Yet, I’ve been postponing reading them, because it’s not really my genre (animal, memoir, medical).

This week, however, it’s been perfect. The book is a vet’s memoir about lovingly taking care of country farm animals, at a time when veterinary practice was on the brink of changing from medieval to modern (even though the setting is the 1930s and 1940s). It’s simply told and has vivid imagery, and so far each chapter has a happy ending (I’m sure that will change before the book is through). And the best part, the chapters are short, so I can get one in before I hear a child shout, “More syrup, mama! More milk please!”

At this chapter-a-day rate, I’ll finish the book in about 60 days (there are 65 chapters), and I imagine by that time my grief will have eased…but not completely, I doubt that will ever happen.

One thought on “Friday Reads: Mourning Routine

  1. Lyndsey says:

    I think grief does stay with us. I still cry sometimes if I think my childhood doggies. But over time, I think their love stays in a stronger way. Now when I think of Sandy, I’m teary (tearing right now) but it feels less sad and more thankful for what she gave to my life.

    I love hearing about your mornings. When I have a break from school, that’s my favorite thing to do: have coffee and a small quiet moment as the day begins.

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