Speaking of Moxie…


Do you want to know what makes me happy? More than almost anything in the world? It’s going to the movies. In a theater. With popcorn.

I have worked in multiple multiplexes. I started an independent art-house cinema with my husband. In the past 15 years, I have spent probably 20,000 hours of my life inside a movie theater. Not necessarily watching movies, mind you, but in a movie theater.

Yet, despite that, I still get a little thrill every time I buy a ticket and walk into a theater. The smell of popcorn, the soft lighting, the anticipation of the next two hours make my heart flutter. Even the sticky floors, creaky seats, and often obnoxious neighbors I can happily deal with. Sigh. It’s my favorite thing in the whole world.

This month I am on a temporary high because I have seen FOUR movies in theaters. Four movies. In theaters. In one month. This is huge. For the past 10 years, I may have been lucky to see four movies in theaters in one YEAR.

The films I’ve watched have all been heavy hitting. PHILOMENA, HER, NEBRASKA, and INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. As the lights raised after each screening, I had no idea what I thought. I know I didn’t hate them, but I definitely could say I didn’t love them, because the content was so bleak or depressing or thought provoking. They’ve all been jangling around my brain, trying to find an order and opinion. I don’t mind, though. I like them in there, giving me something to think about in between feeding kids, folding laundry, driving kids around…plus now I have the best soundtrack strumming inside.

If I’m off to such a good start already in 2014, I have high hopes for the remainder of the year.


Embarrassing side story: Since selling the theater a few years ago, some of the staff has changed. Tonight, the gal selling tickets said to me, “You look familiar, do you know my friend Michelle?” I do indeed know her friend, but I also knew exactly why I looked so familiar to her…because she used to be a customer. Oh man. This was tough. I actually did it. I actually said, “Well, I was the one who started The Moxie.” Then she just chuckled politely. I think she thought I was lying. I was so embarrassed. I’m never going back. Hahaha. Just kidding, of course I’m going back. I’m just going to have her fired. Hahaha, Just kidding. I’m not going to have her fired. That’s ridiculous. I’m just going to send the current director an 8×10 of my recent family portrait session and have him pin it to the computer.

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