Baby It’s Cold Outside

Every mother with young children that I’ve talked with this week has expressed the exact same thought: Well, we’re making memories, at least.

During this polar vortex that has left so many of us stuck inside, we have to battle our wits, our sanity, and our children to make the most and not go stir crazy. In some households, it means arts and crafts or cookie baking. In others, braving the bitter cold to build snowmen. In our house, it means eating popcorn for dinner and watching TV all day long.

I keep telling myself, I’m only doing this because it’s a special treat. And because I’m on a roll with my writing projects. Once they go back to school, we’ll be back on track for a more “regular” schedule. And maybe I’ll finally fold that crumpled load of laundry in the middle of the living room…

My children are going to be so sad when that happens (not about the laundry, but going back to normal). Here comes mean Mama. A balanced dinner with vegetables. Boo. No more Jake The Pirate all day long. Hiss. We can’t lay in Mama’s bed and watch Robin Hood anymore. Rhubarb Rhubarb!

But I won’t lie, I’m going to be kind of sad, too. This lifestyle is kind of addicting. I’ve managed to write another chapter in my novel (this is huge, folks), work on a manuscript submission for a picture book, and start some reflective writing that will hopefully lead to a couple more short story submissions. I’ve also chatted with friends, stayed in my pajamas, practiced some yoga, started reading a new book series (it’s subtitled “The Scandalous Duchess”…I’ll leave it at that…), and done absolutely ZERO chores. This is the life!

Until next week that is…

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