If you’re just now joining in…

When blogs first became a craze, I was nearing completion of my college career as an aspiring journalist, and as much as I loved writing, even I thought, “who on earth would want to read someone’s diary ONLINE?” I’m one for eating my words quite often, so cut to 2003, and I started my own, TAPIOCA DANCE: It’s the Latest Craze.

What you see here is the rebirth of my original blog. I deleted that thing way back in 2009, and regret it ever since. Then in 2011 I started up again, with more focus.

But why? Blogs? Aren’t they like, so early-2000s? Seriously? 

Yes, seriously. I’m a firm believer in “what goes around comes around,” and I think the blog is about to make a comeback. I mean, have you heard of Medium.com? (It’s like Twitter, but with longform posts.)

But what do you even have to blog about?

Absolutely nothing. Or absolutely everything, depending on how you look at it, I guess. The past few years I’ve been a full-time-stay-at-home-mom and…

Oh no. Are you wanting to be a Mommy Blogger??

No. I like Mommy Bloggers. I’d be flattered if I could be categorized in the genre of Mommy Blogs. But this is not a niche blog. This is more of my personal space to let ideas flow and try to hold accountability for me writing regularly and for an audience (no matter how small…hi 5 readers!!). You see, I’m working on my first…

Let me guess. Your first novel? How cliché.

Um. That’s not very nice.

What? You have to have a thick skin if you want to be a writer and submit your work for all the world to see. Toughen up woman!

I know. That’s partly why I decided to let my social media friends know this exists, after years of just subtle hints and near silence. My stomach is in knots just thinking about people reading this. Every so often, if someone says, “hey, I read your blog!,” I get flushed with embarrassment and start blubbering about how awful it is and that I…

Yeah, you really need to work on that thick skin and self esteem.

Sigh. I know. But I’m a writer. We all have issues.

Well. Good luck.


You’re gonna need it, kid.




2 thoughts on “If you’re just now joining in…

  1. Strange Girls, Inc. says:

    Yay! So many things to “yay” about here! First of all, Medium.com?! Never heard of it, but it sounds perfect for me. I’ve always been too wordy for twitter and crave something that falls somewhere on the effort scale between tweet and novel.
    Also….no shame in having a secret novel! Josh and I have been working on secret novels for a year. We don’t let each other read them (even locking our computers when we go to the bathroom because we don’t trust each other not to peek). We don’t let anyone else read them. We just work on them, endlessly. How far along is yours, can you say? Is it YA, adult, fantasy, literary, what?

    • Nicole says:

      I got my first medium post added to a collection and had NINE VIEWS. You may have just told me I won the lottery. I think you’ll love it. You have to have a twitter account, but that’s ok, because I never use Twitter any more.

      I love it. I refuse to let anyone read my creative work. ESPECIALLY Dan. Something about the guy you spend a lot of time with silently and secretly judging (they wouldn’t really do that, would they? They’d just be proud of what we accomplished, right!? Sigh.)

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