Happy New Year!

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{This morning, I practiced doodling from the book CRAFT-A-DOODLE instead plucking split ends. Yay me!}



A few years ago I was watching the show Hoarders and loved what one of the life coaches said about how to keep your life in check: make a list of your life goals, and every time you want to buy something, think, “does this fit in with my life goals?”

I immediately listed mine:

  1. Be a good Wife and Mother
  2. Be proud of my home.
  3. CREATE (get published)
  4. Maintain a healthy weight

I don’t necessarily apply this to things I purchase (I mean, hello EL Fudge and Venti Iced Mochas), but I do feel like in 2014 I need to revisit these goals with how I spend my TIME.

I’ve blooged (typo, but it stays) about how I waste a lot of time in the past, and if time is money, I need to treat it as such. So my main resolution in 2014 is this: SPEND MY TIME WISELY.

That means if I’m resting in bed with the kiddos, stop looking at Instagram and start doodling. If I’m waiting around for an appointment, break out my Kindle and read a short story instead of scrolling through Facebook. If I’m having a play date with my sister, stop eating pizza and start making a craft. You get the idea.

This is also the year I lose 30 pounds, stop yelling at my kiddos, stop watching TV, start eating healthy, exercise daily, keep my house immaculate, read 50 books, donate to public radio, budget wisely, and volunteer. (Hahahahahahaha)

How about you? Any resolutions or goals for the new year?

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Erin Dooley says:

    You have inspired me. After reading this I promptly made a list of my life goals. Christopher saw me and then did the same. : )

  2. Strange Girls, Inc. says:

    Keeping “blooged” was a good choice.
    My resolutions this year involve ceasing to pop my pimples, making actual recipes and building a cooking/baking repertoire instead of just making random stir fries with things I need to use up, keeping in better touch with people I care about (like, writing letters and calling instead of just “liking” on FB). I really need a general time usage overhaul, as you are doing. I waste sooo much time. I have respect for parents, mothers particularly, because I have no idea how I would accomplish anything for myself with a little person hanging around needing me…

    [haven’t been on wordpress for a while, am commenting on all your posts now like a creeper]

    • Nicole says:

      Haha, your pimple resolution is like my “stop plucking my hair” resolution. I just can’t stop. I think it’s a nervous tick.

      Good luck! You can do it!

  3. Erin says:

    Sure, I will share!
    After much deliberation, I decided all of my goals fit into three larger goal categories. They are:
    •to practice good self-care
    •to have positive relationships with others
    •to live comfortably (money, home, work, etc.)

    • Nicole says:

      I think these are great. I have about 10,000 goals, but I too found that in a giant life picture, they all boiled down to just a few. Good luck! Also, I still want to get together and paint!

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