Pop Culture Catch Up: Really Catching Up

November needs a do-over for me. I only read one book, didn’t see any movies, didn’t really seek new music or art…I’m not exactly sure what I did to fill my days, really. I’m overcompensating in December, and just picked up about 30 books from the library. Young adult fiction, picture books, photography books, art books, memoirs, and short story compilations. I also loaded my Rdio collection with lots of new music (well, new to me), and am participating in a daily doodle Instagram challenge. I’m ready! So here are the things I’m looking forward to in December:


  • I just finished LET IT SNOW by three authors, including John Green. I don’t get it. I have never seen an ABC Family Christmas movie, but I imagine this is about what it’s like. Corny, unbelievable, and cringe-worthy. Not even cute corny, or happy corny. Just flat out corn. I HATE the way the characters talk. All of them, every single one, started almost every sentence with God. As in, “God, I love you.” Or “God, you’re such an asshat.” This has always been a pet peeve of mine. For someone who doesn’t attend church and is extremely liberal in the religion arena, I’m surprised at how much I hate hearing God used that way. (Ok, sorry, ending rant.) And lastly, there were NO PARENTS. They were either in jail, stuck at an airport, or intentionally leaving the house so that the characters could make out. Is this a trend in young adult books, is this what tweens like to imagine their lives like? Excuse me while I go lock my child in a tower.
  • I picked up DAD IS FAT by Jim Gaffigan. He’s one of those comedians that makes me laugh until I can’t breath, yet I never seek him out as entertainment. So this should be fun, I hope.
  • My book club is reading SERENA by Ron Rash, which is bleak, torturous, and a spin on MacBeth set in Depression-era Appalachian logging communities. I kind of love it so far, but I’m only about 50 pages in. serena
  • Lastly, I have a ton of young reader books that I picked exclusively because of their covers at the library. I don’t know the titles, I don’t know the plots. I just looked for something that was gender-neutral yet had a girl as the main character. I can’t decide how young I’m writing my ‘novel,’ so I wanted to read a few books to see if I wanted upper elementary or junior high.

Listening to:

  • Besides Michael Bublé’s Christmas? Um, how about the new BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG AND NORAH JONES duet on an obscure Everly Brothers album, Foreverly!? It’s so good. It’s exactly my kind of music. A little folksy, something that works just as well as background or for getting lost in. I love it.
  • Billie+Joe+Armstrong+and+Norah+Jones+billienorah600x350
  • Dan told me to listen to THE HEAD AND THE HEART, which really surprised me, because if it’s not Europop female trance music, he isn’t a fan. This is as opposite of Europop as it gets. It’s almost Townes Van Zandt meets David Gray and maybe Mumford and Sons? I don’t know. I like it. It relaxes me and makes me want to put on headphones and drive away on a journey.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iSQGWpy0qY

Swooning at:

  • Have you been to Crystal Bridges yet? You should go. Especially if you live in the Ozarks, there’s no excuse. Dan and I went this past June for our anniversary, and I’ve been obsessing over them since. I follow them on Instagram and every day I get a jolt of inspiration and excitement to CREATE. Right now they have a Georgia O’Keefe exhibit, but it’s not of her works. It’s of the works of artists that she and her husband collected and championed. The exhibit is up through February, so I’m hoping to make it down again soon.
  • ae


  • Deck them halls, y’all! It’s time for Christmas movies, amirite? Dan and I put on Christmas Vacation as background noise the other night, but my favorite Christmas movies are not really Christmas movies at all. I love love love ABOUT A BOY and BRIDGET JONES this time of year. Do you have any favorites that you watch annually that aren’t necessarily holiday-specific?

3 thoughts on “Pop Culture Catch Up: Really Catching Up

  1. Erin says:

    I need to go to crystal bridges… We watched a program on PBS the other day about the construction and mission behind the museum. Made me want to visit so badly!

    I heard a song from the billy joe and Norah album the other day….. Very good!

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