Funky Town USA over here

November came and went, and I did not finish my novel. I did not finish a short story to submit to the Time and Place competition. I did not work on another picture book idea that’s been mulling around. And I did not even read for fun. I did not get up early to write, or stay up late to work on projects. I didn’t even write personal journal entries or blog posts.

What did I do? I looked at my smart phone a lot. Instagram. Words with Friends. Facebook. DListed. Pinterest. Texting. I hung out with the kiddos and I got stressed over chores. And I managed to gain five pounds.

I’m really bummed, to say the least. It’s my own fault, and I think that’s what makes it more depressing. I hit a wall with my writing, and instead of busting through the wall, I just sat in front of it and picked up my phone, waiting for someone to help me out.

I had one of many mini meltdowns last night that resulted in me putting on running shoes and leaving the house at 9pm. I ran a lap around my block, chugging and puffing and wheezing away every second. I am out of shape, physically and mentally. This little run inspired me though. Afterward, I had a chat with my husband about my sedentary and stagnant life, I finished reading a teen romance novel (more on that another day), and today I woke up feeling 100% better.

I’m going to be nice. I’m going to move my body. I’m going to write and draw. I’m going to calmly tell my kids to put their dishes in the sink instead of yelling. I’m going to enroll the kids in their school program for two extra days a week, and really focus on this next stage of life.

I’m excited! I just need to make sure this burst of energy continues. If you’re feeling a funk, too, let me know, and we can be cheerleaders together. Huzzah!

5 thoughts on “Funky Town USA over here

  1. Whit says:

    Girl, you want to try to do couch to 5k together? For reals? I feel like I should run, like running is the simplest thing and I should just do it. I am super impressed that you went for a run! It all starts with a step!!

    • Nicole says:

      Dan and I tried that years ago, and I found that my knees are not up for running. I could barely go up our stairs after about 2 weeks of the ‘program.’ But I would definitely be up for communal walks or jogs, any time. Even if it’s late-night post-kiddo bedtime.

      And thanks! I was full of really awful negative energy last night and I seriously thought that I would explode if I didn’t just start running. I have never in my life felt that before.

  2. Erin says:

    How I (and I think so many others) can relate. My long ago created to-do list has far too many half-done and haven’t-even-dared-to-begin-this projects. I think undergrad and grad school created this strange place where I still had older adults telling me what to do and when to do it – I never had to be accountable to only myself. Now it’s a struggle. A real big one.
    Is there such thing as an accountability club?! We should make one. Let me just add that to the to-do……

    • Nicole says:

      Oh my goodness, yes, let’s. I had written about 4 drafts of this blog post, and the first 3 were all, “how do you hold yourself accountable, because I CAN’T.”

      It’s kind of what I started blogging again. Even though I only have a tiny handful of readers, I feel like by putting it out there, people might hold me to what I say. So, please do! Please ask to read my stories or critique my art or if I’ve cleaned my bathtub lately (I haven’t). And let me know what you are working on, I’ll do the same!

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