Attack of the THINGS

Every three or four years, I get antsy and desire a major change. If something BIG isn’t in the works, I tend to get lazy, bored, unmotivated, fat, and depressed. As Wayne Campbell said, “For a whole year I thought I had mono. It turns out I was just bored.”

It’s been almost three and a half years since we sold the movie theater, two and a half years since moving into our current house, and two years since having our last baby. Things are at a nice, even, steady pace right now, and while I should love it, I feel an itch to DO SOMETHING.

That DO SOMETHING is turning into PURGING STUFF. I can’t stop. I wake up every morning and start deep cleaning the house. De-cluttering the fireplace mantle. The junk drawers. The kid toy bins. My closet. It’s like I’m nesting, except I’m not expecting a baby anytime soon (knock on wood!).

It feels good to de-clutter, because in the years we’ve been in our current house, it’s like our belongings have just multiplied by thousands. How does that happen? We went from a 900-sq-foot apartment to a 1200-sq-foot house, to now one that’s triple the size. When we moved here, there were rooms without furniture. Closets without anything in it. Now everything is crammed and filled to the maximum capacity.

This intense desire to clean is going to be short lived, I know it. I hate cleaning. I hate getting rid of things. So I need to take advantage of it while I can. I keep thinking of a sign in our neighborhood that popped up this summer. It was a hand-written garage sale notice, saying, “Our crap can become your crap!”

So, who wants to buy my stuff? Come and get it. Please.

2 thoughts on “Attack of the THINGS

    • Nicole says:

      Funny you should mention that. I found my first gray hair this week. Do I embrace the new color? Or do I just start coloring my hair again.

      I am incapable of making grooming decisions.

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