Friday Reads: Existential Picture Books

Excuse me, little boy of mine, while I sit and ponder what your picture book is trying to say.

By 8pm, I just want to turn off my brain and read THE GRUFFALO to you (the best picture book ever written, in my opinion), not something that inspires discussion and questions about life beyond life. I don’t even know how to begin to answer…


{LOOKING DOWN by Steve Jenkins}

“Why is there a satellite in space?”

“Why is space so far away?”

“Why does the lady bug disappear when we stand on the moon?”

“Does that mean the little boy disappears when we are in space?”

“Magnets, how do they work?”

(I’m kidding about that last one.)



{WE ARE IN A BOOK by Mo Willems}

“Why is Elephant worried that we’ll finish the book?”

“What happens to him when we close the book?”

“Piggie can’t see us!”

“…Can he?”

If you have a three year old, you know that simple make-believe answers do not suffice. They need the real deal, which then leads to ten billion other questions. I’m tired. I just want you to go to bed. Here, let’s just read the Golden Book MONSTER’S UNIVERSITY. That’s simple enough.

“Where do the monsters live?”



Always looking for recommendations on Friday Reads. Let me know of a good kid book you’ve read lately!

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